Small Business and Cloud Computing


I hope I can pull this off but here’s a less than stellar assessment of small business and Cloud Computing. I am a bit dense on this topic. I have improve upon this in the future.

Cloud Computing can make a small business more agile from what I understand but how?

Amazing, just amazing. I object to spending money on things I don’t know much about. Perhaps I may not be fully aware of how to use Cloud Computing in a small business. From my perspective, what I see about it is that to be a practical addition to my toolbox it must be cost effective for my small business. It is bizzare how some people are willing to rely on shaky recommendations and throw huge amounts of money at an incredibly complex subject matter like this.

However, it would not be expected that I shall recommend that you give this amazing technology a chance and to study what others in the industry may be recommending about small business and Cloud Computing. There are a large number of attitudes on this train of thought. When the rubber meets the road you don’t want to miss out on it entirely.

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