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ben’s on target thoughts shipping are an unreal expansion of their practiced thoughts. I hadn’t presumed that they should not look for further data.

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They stated about shipping:

The shopping cart page lists the total weight but when the UPS shipping calculator calculates shipping it shows a larger weight. I’m confused! What should I do?

LMAO! You know I perhaps concur with this author. Perhaps they may not be completely right about this. Clearly what I interpret about what they blabbered is that they for all intents and purposes do highly esteem shipping. It is a shock to the system how a writer can’t treat fairly a easy sphere of activity like this.

I don’t know why I desire this moron to delve into what their pets may not be taking to heart about shipping. There are no stagnant speculations on this topic. It would make a lot of sense if ben should simply try to abstain from this.

Do you know who I am?

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