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You are probably ready to receive these ramblings of mine about how to find a Hot Product to sell online. Keep in mind that I’m planing a dynamic extension to this issue over the next few weeks. I have had several people implore that I should give out more information about Hot Product selection in addition to the information on the current economic recession that we are presently engaged in.

You are invited to consider these 3 thoughts about Product Selection:

1. What Do People Want To Buy

First things first, in order to locate the right products that will sell well online, we will first need to understand what it is that people are  already wanting to buy online. Our first step is to find out what people are buying or want to buy online. Once that is done we can concern ourselves with finding a good choice of product that not only match consumer demand but is also a good match for the current market conditions, such as how well it will sell in a recessionary economy. Then we must also evaluate the level of competition as well as the predicted market share that the product will enjoy and how long it will last in the marketplace.

“What should I sell?” is a common question that most people how are trying to find an answer to in order for them to make the good decision as to what products they should sell online at eBay or in their own ecommerce store. It goes back to making a good faith effort to discover what people are buying or want to buy online. The kicker is that if one really wants to discover the answer to this question, their only choice is to engage in some proper market research. There are all kinds of little twists and turns along the road to finding the right product to sell that may cause you to believe that you have a high demand product idea when you actually do not.

It is key that one must be able to understand and then satisfy the needs, wants and expectations of one’s customers on a certain product. These three factors are often referred to as the minimum requirements for a purchase. The need includes the basic, minimum, requirements consumers are looking for in a product or service. They are called the qualifying part of a purchase. Wants means the determination of a particular choice to the exclusion of many other choices. Expectations are intangible values associated with a product or service.

2. Competition and Market Share

Our second consideration in find the hottest products to sell are the are level of competition with the product and the potential market share your product will have. You will want to take a look the ratio of your brand’s sales versus the total market sales. This is what the Market share or level of competition will means to you.

You must consider that while companies do naturally define target competitors, it is actually the consumers who ultimately choose the competition when they start exercising their purchasing power. That means that it is of utmost importance that one selects a market segment where they can obtain a potential leadership position or, at the very least, a strong challenger role.

3. General Consumer Interest Level

Our third and final factor that we shall consider involves finding hot selling products where there is a sufficiently high general interest level about the product. To get to the big picture, the general consumer interest level in a product is where we will gauge where our demand and competition numbers fall. To put it simply, if there is not a high enough demand for the product and there is not much in the way of competition either, it would be logical to assume that it might not be a good idea to sell that product or service.

However, good consumer research doesn’t stop there. You should also consider how others are advertising the product or service that you are evaluating. If there are a good number of competitors advertising, this may mean that the product you have selected is a good one to get into. When one has a look at all of the data they have collected on a product, including the demand, competition, and advertising, it is time to make a proper decision as how they all balance out and if the product or service is the right one to put up for sale.

Finally, here are 4 bonus considerations that you should think about when it comes to selecting a hot product to sell online:

  1. If there is not enough demand, this means that not enough people are going to buy the product so that it can be profitable to you.
  2. Too much competition will mean that there will not be enough of a profit to go around
  3. If there is too much advertising for a product or service this will drive up the price of pay per click ads
  4. Poor consumer general interest, combined with low demand, for a product means there may not be a good market for the product.

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