Whistling Past the Recession Graveyard


A lot of economists these days are reminding me of Kevin Bacon’s character in the classic movie Animal House. In the final segment of that movie, his character, when surrounded by total chaos, screams “All is Well!” at a panicky crowd and gets trampled for his efforts.

We Don’t Know

Many point to the the after-the-fact analysis that it’s not a recession until there are two no-growth quarters. Well, duh! You won’t know things are bad that way until they’re already over. Others point to various economic models that were developed in the 1940’s and 1950’s and rely on stale data. Once again, they really don’t apply to today’s economic reality. Some will admit the economy is deteriorating but that it hasn’t deteriorated enough to be considered a recession. Once again, too little, too late.

Don’t Listen to Economists and Other Academics

Instead, depend on your gut feeling and what you see going on around you in your business. If you listen to these ivory tower fools you’ll wait too long and find yourself behind the curve. Be agile! Be nimble! Move your business into protective recession mode while you still can. If you do this your small business can survive the recession with flying colors!

Best of luck to you and your business success during this small business recession.

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