Corporate CFO’s Say the Recession is Here


Top management at many US companies have begun to think that the economy is well into a recession.  This means that now is the time to read my very motivational thoughts about Recession. I think you’ll find that they are an excellent addition to my thinking on this topic. I knew that I should have to give more examples.

To nail this issue down further I present these 5 typical CFO level thoughts about Recession:

  • New product lines should be discontinued
  • Employees should be fired
  • A Recession can be used to make money under some of circumstances
  • This Recession isn’t going to be great for our bottom line
  • This Recession cannot be easily forgotten about

The Incredible Story of this Recession

Top financial executives at an ever increasing number of US companies now think that the economy is now well into a recession. They believe that the common indicators are lagging at least 3 to 6 months behind. They are preparing to take the steps they need to take. This includes saving money and keep operating margins very slim. Are you prepared to do this in your small business?

I’m confounded because so many small business owners give a big thumbs-down to this powerful idea. Perhaps they may be completely lost when it comes to Recession. Or maybe they’re just hiding under a rock. From my perspective, what I accept is that I clearly do know Recession is at hand and I’m taking steps to deal with it. It is a surprise how anyone can’t get it clear in their head.

Recession Action

Maybe it should be disclosed that I cannot urge others enough to focus more upon what corporate CFO’s are communicating about Recession. There are only a handful of magic secrets in this territory and they have access to them all. If we’re thinking along the same lines this means you should realize that you can’t just reflect upon it. You have to act upon it, immediately.

Recession - Some Have No Idea

I shouldn’t have mentioned this earlier, but you should concentrate on this. If you can only take away one thing, this is it: You must act now when it comes to the Recession.

I am completely right about this. Judging from what top experts say plus what you may infer about it in my rantings is that I don’t relish the idea of a Recession. Of course I don’t. However you have to understand that it’s here and in your face. Denying it like some are doing will only get you hurt.

I had anticipated this, but this is quite important. Get this through your thick skull: You should learn more about the Recession.

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