15 Quick Recession Survival Tips


Here are 15 tips you can use to help your small business survive the recession of 2008. It is unlikely you’ll remain indifferent to my stellar assessment of recession survival techniques are a significant addition to my musings. I will bet that you had envisaged that I would have so much knowledge about the recession.

  1. Focus on your top 20% clients and less on the bottom 80%.
  2. Don’t waste too much time nursing them along weak leads hoping for a big sale.
  3. Keep your best customers happy, it’s much cheaper than obtaining new ones.
  4. Offer spectacular service so that your delighted customers refer their peers to you
  5. You get what you negotiate.
  6. You have to have faith in your skills and market them appropriately.
  7. Take care of your customers, service is king NOT the product.
  8. You’re never too busy to be courteous.
  9. Call you customers - don’t send an email.
  10. Ask for referrals.
  11. Get testimonial letters from your customers
  12. Thank people along the way. Thank your customers often.
  13. Form a partnership with a competitor or friend.
  14. Make sure your customers know your full product or service catalog.
  15. Cross-sell customers as much as you can.

New Thoughts About the Recession

I can’t believe it but I can counsel you to dig deeper into what ideas your peers have about the recession. There are an amazing amount of attitudes on this activity. I don’t know why you wouldn’t take advantage of it whenever you can.

Numbers don’t lie, but this is quite important. Ignore this at your own peril: recession is impossible to cover in a short article.

I thought that was the last idea, but if you’re with me so far then it should be quite clear to you what’s going on here. This is my strongest point: Protecting your small business against the recession is very important.

What You May Not Know About the Recession

I wish I had said this sooner but I would indeed urge you to focus more upon what your competitors are saying about the recession. There are basically many reactions on this realm but you want to find the best way for you to engage them using the tips above so that your small business can come out on top. If you’re like me you know that you should do this as soon as you can.

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