10 Recession Resisting Ideas for Your Company


Some well run companies emerge from a recession stronger than ever. How are they able to do this? Here are 10 tips you can use to make your company stronger during the current recession. Incorporate these ideas into your strategic action plan to resist the current recession

1. Never Stop Marketing

Marketing is a continuous endeavor. If you let up you will give your competitors an advantage. Don’t let the recession stop your marketing efforts. Instead, just modify them to take into account current economic conditions.

2. Contact and Reactivate Past Clients.

Stay in contact with them. Give the a call or send them a personalized letter. But, whatever you do, rebuild your client list.

3. Deliver Superior Service

You must create a WOW factor with your service. This will help you keep clients no matter where the economy goes.

4. Develop a Plan To Attract New Clients

Develop a list of 100 most desired new clients. Begin an aggressive marketing campaign to capture these clients as well as retaining existing clients.

5. Develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan.

Get everyone in your company on message and insure that anyone who comes in contact with your company is exposed to your marketing plan.

6. Develop Constant Contact Strategy

You want to always have “Top Of Mind Awareness” by being in regular contact with your clients and prospects.

7. Use Cross and Up Selling

Always be looking for angles you can use to cross and up sell to your new and existing clients. This will increase your revenue.

8. Network

Always be building a network of clients. How much business is done because somebody knows somebody?

9. Develop a Long Term Marketing Plan

Know where you’re going with your marketing plan and make sure others in your company know it too.

10. Continuously Evaluate Your Marketing Tactics

Don’t let a bad plan stall your effort nor allow a good plan to not be followed through as it should.

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