The Coming Small Business Recession

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eBay’s Whitman Quitting - eBay Sellers Rejoice

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Customer Service During a Recession

The idea of being customer service and customer satisfaction oriented is not a new example in the big business world.  Even in businesses that are not completely functioning during the current recession, the idea of structuring the business to gratify the needs of the customer with that kind of services will make it likely for […]

Raising the Minimum Wage in a Recession

The minimum wage is slated to go up again.  Of course, this was old news in some states where the wage had been raised months ago in the past when the state legislature took case of workers over employers.  No matter how you look at the soaring in the cost of labor, it is going […]

eBay’s Meg Whitman To Retire, It’s About Time

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2009 UPDATE QUESTION: But is John Donahoe any better?

Recession Proof Small Business Marketing

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Fortify Your Online Business Against the Recession

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Small Business Owners Must Try Harder During Hard Times

To gain a full understanding of Recession you must read these words about dealing with hard economic times like we’re now facing. Recession, that is the very lacking expansion of our economy, made me assume that I should forgive others mistakes when it come to Small Business.
It would be expected that I would indeed urge […]

Does a Recession Mean Tax Cuts?

This may seem incredibly lacking but do you think a recession will mean tax cuts? I do. Such cuts are an unintelligent enlargement upon the disorganized thinking process that has led us in this direction. I wish that they could almost forget what they know about Recessions. We would be better off

Online Marketing Recession

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