The People Have Spoken, “The Recession is Here”

Yes, my friends, I know that you have anticipate that I shall indeed ramble on about our current recessionary economic climate yet again at this time and place. One thing that I have found that holds true in our economy is the power of numbers. When enough people buy into an idea, it often either […]

The Stagflation Threat

The US economy came to a screeching halt in the final quarter of 2007 and now, as we move into 2008 with a stalled economy we’re facing an old fiend call stagflation, something which we haven’t seen since the waning days of the Carter administration in the 1970’s.

Niche Marketing in a Recession

In the science of ecology, a niche is defined as the position that an organism occupies within an ecological community, otherwise known as an ecosystem.  In the marketing world, a niche refers to a product or service that occupies a specific area of demand. It is that tiny corner in the market that can provide […]

How to Find a Hot Product to Sell

You are probably ready to receive these ramblings of mine about how to find a Hot Product to sell online. Keep in mind that I’m planing a dynamic extension to this issue over the next few weeks. I have had several people implore that I should give out more information about Hot Product selection in […]

10 Recession Resisting Ideas for Your Company

Some well run companies emerge from a recession stronger than ever. How are they able to do this? Here are 10 tips you can use to make your company stronger during the current recession. Incorporate these ideas into your strategic action plan to resist the current recession

Recession‏ Psychology

Many market securities analysts say we are already in a recession. The news media is also carrying on the drumbeat of recession. And, you’ll see consumer confidence declining and investors exiting from opportunities. When they are asked you’ll find that many people respond with gloomy forecasts of future economic prospects.

8 Ways to Prepare for a Recession

Here are some time honored tips to help you survive the recession we are now facing. I had anticipated that some of you would like to know more about this situation as soon as I could write it for you. I think you’ll find it a bold addition to my previous words on this topic.

3 Ways a Recession Will Impact Your Life

I had desired to take a moment in order to reflect upon some of the many ways that the current recession will impact your daily life as well as those around you. Read and head.

What Happens During a Recession?

In this brilliant addition to my inspired train of thought on this issue, here are some things you typically will see during an economic recession such as we are currently facing. If you take the time to observe you will see these things currently happening in our economy.

What is a Recession?

OK, let us cover the basics in this examination of the causes and meanings of an economic recession. To put this idea in very simple terms a recession is a period of negative economic growth for 2 or more quarters in a row. The severity of a recession is measured by its length and the […]