Three Recession Proof Businesses


Here is my a magic secret formula for Recession Proof Businesses. In a way, it is a bittersweet addition to my thought process in this area. I wish that we were not having to jump on the Recession Proof Business bandwagon but that’s the way things are right now so we must make the best of it even in the face of what promises to be tough economic times.

Here is a little Brainstorming I did on Recession Proof Businesses:

1. Accounting Services

I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but I , in part, do some of my work within this paradigm. You may think that doing this kind of work is the worse, most evil to yourself, idea which you have ever heard about. Perhaps you may be tragically mislead about Accounting Services. Going back to my experiences with Accounting Services, what I love about in relation to my work is that it is a business that other businesses need no matter what the current economic climate is all about. Companies still need their books tended to even during a severe economic downturn like a recession or period of stagflation.

I think that once you do comprehend Accounting Services that you will look at it as a serious option for your small business plans. I do think that it is a delight how a person can help other business people follow a knotty area like Accounting Services.

2. Legal Services

You may think that you will need a complete legal education to take advantage of this business opportunity. Regardless of the kind of academic performance you have had, there are options in the legal services field that you can explore and make money from doing it, even during a severe recession.

There are 5 incredible opportunities about Legal Services that you can use:

  • Just about everyone in business can use it some form of Legal Services
  • Legal Services can be quite powerful earning tool
  • With even a little amount of education, Legal Services may be practical for you 
  • Legal Services isn’t a solution for everybody though

  • Offering Legal Services is not just about being a lawyer
The possibilities with this idea are staggering when you consider that legal services will be something that most people will need in spite of a recession. In fact, those that assist with bankruptcy and foreclosure should make money rather easily. That’s why I fully side with this fine business idea. It is shrewd how someone can relate to a elementary matter like this.

3. Health Care Services

It should be clear to you that even with a recession on people will still get sick or injured and need Health Care Services. Here are 5 ideas pertaining to Health Care Services businesses:

  • Medical practice management, particularly medical practice computerization will continue to grow even in these recessionary times.
  • Outpatient Services should continue to be profitable if you can position yourself correctly 
  • Health Diagnostic Services and Labs will remain profitable as well.

  • Avoid areas of Health Care Services that have considerable government regulation
  • Avoid the low profit area of community health and elderly care services

I think this is a fantastic and growing area that you should participate in as much as possible. I don’t think that you should be to amazed by this information. Perhaps you realize that I may not be amazed by this. Judging from what top experts say, what I am boggled about is that Health Care Services is one of the best business areas to entertain during times of economic woe and hardship such as we’re facing in the current severe recession.

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