Take Advantage of the Emerging iPhone Economy


MSBNC and Inc Magazine have an interesting article on the emerging iPhone Economy. Here are a few key quotes and points to consider so far as the direction to take with selling products for the iPhone.

Since Apple announced the upcoming release of its iPod-cell phone hybrid in January, third-party manufacturers — including many small business — have been jockeying for position in the highly competitive accessories market.

According to New York-based ABI Research, the cell phone accessories market alone is expected to generate $32 billion in revenue this year, growing steadily to over $80 billion by 2012. About 77 percent of that revenue growth will come from after-market accessories, as opposed to in-box accessories, ABI says.

Based in part on this article, here is the opportunity I see for iPhone accessories for secondary online sales. At this point, it is way too late to get in on the first wave. However, we know that this market isn’t going anywhere but up with an anticipated 77% revenue growth. Therefore, you can go one of two directions, either upscale selling or discount selling.

First, let’s look at upscaling. The article mentions personalization as a big trend in not only the iPhone but other cellphones and related articles like the iPod. If you run a craft business, you can find ways to individualize cases and other such items. Let’s face it, the iPhone, at least at first, is going to be quite a status symbol. Embellishing it with expensive, hand crafted, bling will make it more of a statement. I would suggest selling strongly on the exclusivity and personal touch angles. “High Tech, High Touch” isn’t just a buzz phrase but an effective selling technique.

Next, let’s look at discounting. As indicated in the article, there are going to be some losers in this market due to the heavy competition. This may open an opportunity for us bottom dwellers to snag up overstocks at a low price and flip them on eBay or other online and offline venues at a handsome profit. I’ll be watching these vendors closely myself to see who’s coming out ahead and who’s losing their shirt. Hopefully there will be plenty of leftovers to go around.

Another big loser I see with the iPhone are ringtone sites. I strongly suspect that more and more phones will offer built-in, easy to access, MP3 capability and larger memory capacities that will render the current ringtone market obsolete in a year or two. I’ve already started cashing out my ringtone sites and converting them to free sites as promotional advertising for my other cellphone related products. You may not want to do the same but I suggest being prepared for big changes in this market over the next 12-24 months.

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