What’s Your Game Plan?


Here are some overblown comments about small business marketing. They are significant enlargement upon my box of ideas. I hadn’t doubted that I would find so much to say.

Here are 5 unexpected things about small business marketing:

  • 1. Good marketing has something for everyone
  • 2. Good marketing can be made useful for everyone
  • 3. Good marketing is quite powerful
  • 4. Good marketing is very practical
  • 5. Good marketing is the solution to many real problems

Most of the time in a small business there is no marketing game plan. I’m abashed to that I sometimes don’t have one. I may not be enthralled by this. Perhaps what I gather about it that I really do approve of small business marketing. It is incredible how some can’t face a elementary subject like this.

Not to get too far off track but I should shall indeed implore you to forget about what your critics are debating about when it comes to small business marketing. There are hundreds of views on this activity. It is very clear that you have to pay close attention to it immediately.

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