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I think you’ll find these right on target thoughts about marketing are a bonus enlargement upon some of my earlier small business marketing ideas. I had supposed that many of you would like for me to provide more info about it.

Your key to small business growth and success is smart marketing. Target your campaigns toward known buyers of your goods and services. Don’t try a shotgun approach since this is often a waste of money for most products. By keeping a laser focus you will insure better customer contact and greater sales numbers

LOL, it is just that easy. Target your customers, get the advertising in front of them, make the sale. When I think about my own experiences with small business marketing, what I am boggled about is how some blabber about building mass appeal by advertising far and wide. It seem to me that these people, for all intents and purposes, don’t really grok small business marketing. It is amazing how some don’t comprehend a clear sphere of activity like this.

Given that you can inspire your customers to ignore what their buddies are evangelizing about other products through your own marketing efforts, you should target your marketing efforts to make the into evangelists for your products. There are simply no sentiments better than having your customers proclaim the virtues of your products to their pals. When push comes to shove you don’t want them to desist from this.

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