Is Reality TV Publicity Worth the Time and Effort?


Now it’s time to ramble a bit about small business publicity. If done right and are a well thought out they can be an extension to your marketing efforts. All it takes is a little thought and practice. I suppose that you would like to take a wide ranging approach.

I talked to a multiple small-business owner about being on a major network reality TV show. Was it worth it to them? They thought it was although there were some repercussions from a few, long time customers.

Now that’s the truth. I , in part, side against this intriguing personality. They may be completely off base about this. Perhaps what I disliked about their appearance on the show was that they implausibly made a fool of themselves and of small business people everywhere. It was a delightful show, quite entertaining, but how someone does handle the clearly negative results from activity like this?

Don’t overlook these 5 tired old facts about being on TV:

  • You have to look current
  • You can’t be dull and boring
  • TV people want you to be entertaining, ie look bad
  • You can’t control what happens during editing
  • A successful TV appearance requires a lot of expert help

As you might expect, I cannot recommend that a small business owner appear on this symbol of American decadent television, reality TV. You should simply keep far, far, away from it.

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