Customer Service Is the New Marketing


I believe that you’ll find these carefully crafted comments about customer service are an imaginative addition to my thoughts about this topic. Many had hoped that I would provide a better view.

Recently I hosted a one-day seminar on performing customer service differently. I was pretty excited about it. Many of the participants learned how to view their customer service organizations as marketing enterprises rather than simply being a cost center and a drain on the company

I’m blown away in that I , in practice, found some that strongly disagreed with this idea. I guess that they may not be up to speed on customer service. What I am boggled about what they have to say is that they incorrectly don’t prize customer service as a marketing tool. It is a sad commentary how some fail to rely on a clear cut sales channel like this.

Maybe I should mention that you should dig deeper into what your business buddies may be doing about customer service marketing. There are virtually no ideas on this method of thinking so it’s a wide open area. I don’t know why some would simply try to ditch this idea.

There are 4 talking points on customer service marketing from my presentation:

  • customer service marketing means capturing the customer when they need help
  • Most customer service marketing is quite weak
  • If you don’t do it right customer service marketing hasn’t got a prayer
  • Often customer service marketing isn’t given a fair shake

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