5 Quick Shipping Tips


Here are some tips for someone who’s just getting started selling on eBay or on their own site where they’re handling shipping themselves.

1. Buy a good quality digital scale. It is very important to have the correct weight for your packages. This will save you time and money since you’ll know the exact amount it will cost to ship an item. Plus, you don’t want your customers getting a ‘postage due’ package because you guess-ti-mated the weight. You can find good scales at good prices from a number of sellers on eBay so search around for them

2. Buy your postage online and print it out. PayPal makes this quite easy and it doesn’t cost you anything beyond the postage itself. For larger volume shipping operations, there are a number of other services that provide more features but they also charge a monthly fee. Also, most local post offices will allow you to simply drop off your packages at a drop point and not wait in a long line. This is a huge time saver if you can do this.

3. Offer all levels of shipping. Offer next day, priority, and regular shipping to your customers. While most will opt for the less expensive option there will be the occasional customer who has to have it now. Providing this service will often win you a customer that a slow moving competitor will lose.

4. Package professionally. Sure, bubble wrap and other shipping supplies cost money but having good quality, clean, new materials makes you look professional and not like someone who is desperate to save every penny, even at the customer’s expense. Some people reuse boxes and this is OK for the occasional eBay hobby seller but if you’re wanting to operate a real business, look professional.

5. Be honest with your shipping and handling costs to both yourself and your customers. This means knowing what it is going to cost you to ship an item. You don’t want to overcharge, since this will make customers annoyed that you’re profiting off shipping and handling, nor do you want to undercharge where it is costing you your profit on every sale. Managing costs in this area can make or break an online business.

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