Do You Speak the New Language of Entrepreneurship?


James Williams’ less than stellar assessment of entrepreneurship are a worthy subtraction from their thoughts about entrepreneurship. I do imagine that they would like to forget about it.

Why is it that I only partially give a thumbs-up to this fount of wisdom. I may be amazed by this. Perhaps what I dig about in their long-winded article is that they equivocally do grasp entrepreneurship. It is a sad commentary how a person does detail a knotty subject like this.

I know you know there are 4 concepts you should understand about James Williams:

  • He is quite profound
  • But he is quite confused
  • James lacks vision
  • James Williams should be stopped from writing again
  • .

It’s just not in the cards that I shan’t encourage this blogging ninja to disregard what their coffee klatchers are explaining about entrepreneurship. There are no thoughts on this issue. I don’t know why James can face the truth.

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