This Joke is on the Small Business Owner


I think you’ll find this a wise commentary about small business employees. The government’s interference in this area are yet another example of their impractical thinking. I would like to request that they should leave small business owners alone.

In a recent case, the State Labor Department claimed the employee was not paid correct wages. OK, that’s simple enough, mistakes happen right. However, what the employee was claiming was that they weren’t paid for child care. This wasn’t part of the verbal employment agreement between the small business and the disgruntled employee. It was something the employee claimed later. However, the state labor department agreed with the employee and that hurt the profitability of that small business and caused them to fire another employee to pay off the disgruntled one.

Now that it’s over I have to tell you that not only disagree with this heavy handed government action but the small business owner as well. Judging from what top employment experts say, what I recommend is having an iron clad employment contract that prevents such problems. It is quite lame of me how a person can improperly handle a amazingly simple idea like this. By having a contract you prevent disgruntled employees from making a joke out of your small business

For all practical purposes I have to advise you to discover what your enemies employees are scheming about. They think that small business owners are made of money and will try to take it from you. There are absolutely no wrong sentiments on this wave length. When comes down to it, you can’t simply skirt this fact now.

You are invited to consider these 4 points concerning employees:

  • Employees are prone to be lazy.
  • Employees these days are looking for a quick buck rather than doing work
  • Unfortunately you need employees for your small business to make a significant impact
  • Government will hurt your small business a lot more than helping it.
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