Don’t Be Afraid to Fire a Bad Employee


It’s a simple as that, don’t be afraid to fire a bad employee.

If you don’t fire underperforming employees it’s like a cancer growing inside your business. Other good ‘cells’ will get infected and pretty soon you have a totally non-productive workforce. Your customers will see the infection and leave to go to your competitors. Pretty soon, the infection will spread to you and you’ll be out of business.

People Don’t Do Their Jobs

I know, I know. You hear all this positive gobble-de-gook about how to make people love their jobs and so forth. Yeah, well maybe the sun will rise in the west tomorrow. Let’s face facts. In small business, 98% of the employees will hate the work and try to goof off any way they can. We don’t pay them that well so there is little incentive for them to show up at our place of business vs. the unemployment office. What we have to do is to apply fear and intimidation subtlety and legally to get them to do more with less just like we do. It’s easy to scare them into compliance. Just give it a try.

Warning Signs of Bad Employee Cancer

Here are some warning signs that your business has been infected with this cancer:

  • Customers have to beg people to answer questions
  • Phone calls and emails go unanswered
  • You find yourself constantly breaking up conversations between workers
  • Employees take longer and longer breaks or lunches
  • Employees call in sick often or are tardy often
  • Employees take personal cell phone calls or text messages
  • Orders are taking longer and longer to ship

Complacency in the face of these warning signs is deadly to your business. If you see any of this behavior, fire the offender immediately. That’s the only way to keep you business cancer free.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

That’s exactly what it is. You aren’t in business to make friends, you’re in business to make money. You have to take a hard nosed approach or you might as well go back to your cushy 9-5 corporate job where you have an HR department to do the dirty work for you. If you keep a bad employee around it will destroy your credibility with your other employees and will drive your customers away in droves. Employee bad behavior spreads until you have to take more drastic measures, like shutting down your business.

Getting rid of a problem employee is the right thing to do. You shouldn’t worry about them causing you problems later on. Have them escorted off your property by private security or even the police or sheriff. That will put the fear of God into them and to any other slackers working for you. If they give you any trouble later, have them arrested and sue them for various petty civil offenses. You’re in charge, not them. Intimidation is simply a good business practice. Big corporations do it all the time, why can’t you do it as a small business? You don’t have to be nice, you’re in business to make money.

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