5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity


Do you struggle with increasing the productivity of your employees? Often many small business owners fail to challenge their employees to do more. They take it easy on them and give them perks. This actually makes them do less. Here are five ways for you to increase your employees’ productivity in your company.

1. Be Tough - Forget being nice to your employees. If you’re nice they will only take advantage of your generous nature. At the very least be a hard nosed, no nonsense, business person. They will treat you with the respect you deserve and demand. Don’t let them make you feel guilty. If you’re tough enough to do it, show faux anger or curse regularly at your employees. It’s better to be feared than to be loved in business.

2. No Breaks - Your employees are there to work, not socialize. While the government mandates some breaks strictly enforce them. Be a clock watcher. This will cut back on slacker behavior and increase your company’s productivity.

3. No Freebies - Back during the dotcom boom days many now defunct businesses subsidized employee snacks. Forget this! You see where it got these companies. Instead, put in snack and drink machines, including coffee, where you can share in the profits. More money for you and less slacking off snacking by employees. It’s a win-win. 

4. ‘Free’ Overtime - While government regulations prevent you from having hourly employees work overtime without pay, this doesn’t apply to ‘non-exempt’ employees. If you’re lucky enough to have some of these on your payroll take advantage of it. Find ways to get them to ‘chip in for the team’ whether it’s packing boxes or just cleaning up the place. Given today’s recession economy they won’t be likely to complain and won’t be able to find other jobs.

5. Offer Fake Bonus Plans - This is one of my favorites. Offer a bonus plan but make it so hellishly complex that employees will never be able to figure out that the bonus is only about a dollar a paycheck. You’ll have to stifle your laughter as you watch them put themselves out for this bonus. Or, you can give out cheap trinkets and they’ll think they’re special and work harder.

These are only 5 ways to increase your employee’s productivity. Be smart and get the productivity you deserve out of your employees. Don’t try to be compassionate to your employees and try to win their hearts. That’s a loser’s approach. Always remember the maxim, “It’s not personal, it’s just business”, and you’ll be OK.

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