The Next Big E-Commerce Opportunity


I’m sorry about these disjointed ramblings about ecommerce. Hopefully they will be a significant enlargement upon my outside-of-the-box thinking. Some had thought that I should provide a more focused view but that just wasn’t in the cards.

Here’s the thought of the day: Companies that are first movers in a niche will quickly dominate.

You know what? I passionately agree with this idea. From my perspective, what I deduce about ecommerce is that getting in early insures customer recognition and loyalty and sets the bar high for the johnny-come-lately to get in the game. Those who don’t jump into a niche early demonstrate that they plausibly don’t understand ecommerce. It is incredible how someone can miss a clear cut situation like this.

I’m not sure if you’ll follow this, but listen closely. You can’t ignore this: Some people have a lot to learn about e-commerce.

I have a good reason why I suggest that you study what your local coffee klatchers are chatting about ecommerce. There are no shortage of information from this area. Use the conclusions you draw from what they’re saying. You can miss with this concept. When push comes to shove I hope you comprehend this at least partially.

Don’t overlook these 3 anticipated things about ecommerce :

  • Waiting may be very impractical
  • Some people don’t know much at all about ecommerce
  • Find what people want and fill the need when nobody else is doing it.
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