Do eCommerce and Blogs Complement Each Other?


Here is a question that gets asked a lot about eCommerce. One of the keys to a successful ecommerce site is having people return to it and identify with your brand. Blogs are well known for building a loyal readership over time. Are these two techniques complementary or not?

Basically it boils down to this question: Should ecommerce sites have blogs?

I strongly agree with this idea. Having an active blog is a great way to enhance your ecommerce site and engage customers with it. Judging from what top experts say, what I interpret is that having a blog increases customer knowledge, awareness and comfort about your site. For all intents and purposes people don’t highly esteem eCommerce sites that are trying to sell them but they do love sites that engage them personally. It is marvelous how customers can develop an intense liking for sites the enjoy.

You must consider these 4 well known aspects of ecommerce blogging:

  • Comments must be tightly moderated
  • They must be updated regularly
  • They require daily scrutiny
  • Treat them like a newsletter

I have the feeling that I shall indeed propose that you give give this a try. Even if you aren’t the best writer, give it a shot.

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