Is Worldwide Brands worth the money?


People want the just facts on Worldwide Brands and Onesource. You want the truth so here’s all the truth you can handle:

  • Worldwide Brands is legitimate company
  • Worldwide Brands buys lists of suppliers reputable sources
  • Worldwide Brands is an eBay Certified Solution Provider and and with Entrepreneur.
  • Worldwide Brands doesn’t offer a yearly subscription just a one time fee.
  • Worldwide Brands allows you to search in more detailed categories than the competition.
  • Worldwide Brands has a larger number of wholesalers in their list.
  • Worldwide Brands has a greater variety of product categories.
  • Worldwide Brands has a solid reputation. 
  • Worldwide Brands validates every new supplier. 
  • Worldwide Brands explains how to approach manufacturers and distributors in the right way
  • Worldwide Brands OneSource product search tool is excellent for market research
  • Worldwide Brands makes even inexperienced drop shippers feel welcome.
  • Worldwide Brands has the best seller education program
  • Worldwide Brands has the the biggest selection of drop shippers
  • Worldwide Brands has the best seller support
  • Worldwide Brands is more expensive than most other drop ship directories.
  • Worldwide Brands has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for six years.
  • Worldwide Brands uses market research to find the best products to dropship and that are in high demand
  • Worldwide Brands tools allow you to see the current eBay price for items you’re considering selling.
  • Worldwide Brands has an excellent selection of learning tools
  • Worldwide Brands is where you can find manufacturers and distributors that are willing to offer product to you, as a retailer, without requiring you to stock their merchandise.
  • WorldWide Brands is the biggest and most well known wholesale directory.
  • Worldwide Brands directory is full of genuine legitimate wholesale suppliers
  • Worldwide Brands has most helpful customer service team
  • Worldwide Brands publishes OneSource, a directory of legitimate, verified eCommerce wholesalers
  • Worldwide Brands directory includes drop ship wholesalers, light bulk wholesalers, import wholesalers, liquidation wholesalers and large volume wholesalers.
  • Worldwide Brands charges a one time fee that is less than what you would pay for 2 months of access at Doba and other wholesale list providers.
  • WorldWide Brands OneSource is the #1 source for legitimate wholesalers
  • Worldwide Brands is the most complete and up-to-date database of wholesale suppliers anywhere.

Worldwide Brands is the best resource available when it comes to researching markets and product lines as well as finding companies that will drop ship products for you. Worldwide Brands has been an outstanding resource for me over the past few years. I expect that you’ll be amazed at what information they are giving away for free and even more thrilled about what you will receive as a member.

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