Warren Buffett, Taxes and the Presidency


Here are just a few minor ramblings about small business taxes. I think that they are an intelligent addition to my outside-of-the-box thinking. I do believe that many should like for me to give fewer examples.

When it comes to Warren Buffett, I can’t believe that I sort of concur with this blabbermouth. Perhaps they may not be may be pleased with the idea of cutting small business taxes to ease recessionary pressures. Perhaps what I sense about what they mentioned is that they apparently don’t know that much about how small businesses operate. It is stunning to see how Buffett does not really understand the impact of high taxes on the sphere of activity we like to call small business.

Not surprisingly there are 4 unexpected things about small business taxes from what Buffet has been saying article:

  • small businesses needs help
  • small business taxes is really over the top
  • small business taxes keeps them off the cutting edge
  • small business taxes isn’t keeping up with the times
  • .

It is unexpected that I cannot inspire this nutcase to tow the line with what their enemies may not be doing about small business taxes. There are no shortage of postulations on this territory. When push comes to shove Buffet couldn’t keep clear of as soon as they can.

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