Three Trends For Small Business In 2008


Here are some interesting ideas concerning Small Business trends for 2008. I think you’ll find that they are a real extension to my most recent triumph. I hadn’t wished that I should say more about it.

Here’s a list of 3 Trends For Small Business In 2008:

  • 1. Go Green Young Man
  • 2. Home Ownership Drops
  • 3. Inflation or Stagflation?

I have this strong feeling that these three things will mark business trends in 2008. Let’s look at them, shall we?

Tips About Green Small Business

One 2008 trend will be ‘green’ business. This means just about anything that you market will market better if you put ‘green’ in front of it. This is especially true if you market to the young, hip, crowd. It is possible that even with economic troubles that these people will still want to ’save the planet’ even if it costs them considerably more. Take advantage of this smug do-gooder-ism by raking in profits for your business.

Detailing Small Business and Home Ownership

There may be some doubt about this, but I can see it. You should not ignore this: There will be a serious recession in 2008 and this will cause home ownership rates to drop.

There may be more to this, but that is trivial right now. If there is only one thing I can say to you it is this: There is a quite a lot of money to be made helping people deal with woe and want.

Detailing Small Business and Stagflation:

Stagflation was a nasty financial trend in the US way back in the 1970’s. High inflation and high interest rates meant trouble for many people. If this trend materializes in 2008, be ready to earn from it. Naturally, short term interest bearing accounts make a lot of money. In your business, make adjustments to take advantage of this trend if it shows up, including how you handle 401K plans. If interest rates are low, simply go into recession mode and cut your cost where appropriate.

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