Remember the Paperless Office?


Some people have made statements recently about small businesses adopting a Paperless Office stance. Unfortunately, my heart-felt opinion is that this won’t work for many. I imagine that they would forgive others mistakes but this one would be difficult to forgive when it come to many a small business.

The Paperless Office usually begins by eliminating a large amount of paper that is used. The idea is that if you do this you could save your company a lot of money.

I have to say that I partly agree with this refreshing idea. Perhaps I may not be completely on target about this though. When I think about my own experiences with small business, what I am boggled about is customer service. Many customers, particularly older ones, don’t like the idea of being entirely paperless.

When we break it down into manageable bits, there are 3 well oiled ideas on the Paperless Office:

  • Paperless Office’s may require more work than you expect.
  • You need to make sure you’ll really save money with a Paperless Office
  • A Paperless Office can’t be used under some circumstances

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