Is There a Cure for the Recession Blues?


Here I go again, spouting my incredibly unique thoughts about Small Business and the Recession. I hope that they are a significant extension to my unique ideas in this area. I do insist that I would like for me to elucidate more upon this.

Regardless of the kind of performance you expect, there are 4 most admired things about Small Business Recession:

  • Expanding a small business during a recession is often impractical
  • a Recession is hard on everyone
  • Recession means a lot of people out of work
  • Recession may lower your labor cost

You Can’t Mean Small Business Recession Can Help Me?

You have sell your customers even in a recession. Don’t let it get you down. If your current customers aren’t buying, find new ones. Don’t be afraid to ‘fire your customers’ if you need to do it to survive this recession. It may be the best thing you’ve ever done to help your small business survive and even thrive in the face of the current recession.

Here’s another idea to beat the recession blues. Keep your employees on edge. Frightened and depressed employees are productive because they know their prospects of finding a new job are low. Make them worried and watch them squirm. Fire a couple of them for no reason at all. This will give you a great pick-me-up and take your mind off your woes. Spread the misery around and you’ll have less on your shoulders.

Maybe I missed the point entirely, but you don’t want to skip this. You have to understand this: I have missed the boat on this one.

When it comes down to it I , in practice, I just being truthful about this. Perhaps you think may be completely wrong about this. Based on my experience, what I’ve discerned is that while I don’t like a recession I need to take advantage of it just like I would a boom time. It is a big joke and serious for me at the same time how some people love to profit from upswings but act as if they’re too good to profit from economic downswings.

Practical Info About the Small Business Recession

When we break it down into manageable bits, there are 5 incredible ideas about Small Business Recession:

  • A Small Business Recession means many businesses will need help
  • It may be a very practical idea to provide this help
  • This could make a Small Business Recession Heaven sent for some
  • You can rely upon there being a serious Small Business Recession
  • During a Recession many businesses won’t have any intrinsic value

I have to say that I concur with this very exciting idea. I may not be too troubled by this. In the long run, what I interpret about this recession is that you can make a lot of money curing other’s recession blues. It will be a delight to see how some make a bundle from an incredibly simple thing like this

This is OK in practice, but you can’t afford to ignore this. This is my strongest point: Time is not on your side.

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