Does a Recession Mean Tax Cuts?


This may seem incredibly lacking but do you think a recession will mean tax cuts? I do. Such cuts are an unintelligent enlargement upon the disorganized thinking process that has led us in this direction. I wish that they could almost forget what they know about Recessions. We would be better off

Thoughts on Small Business Recession and Tax Cuts

Will giving people more money to spend bring more money to small businesses during the current recession? I think it will. People who’re worried will gravitate toward comfort items rather than paying off credit cards or catching up their mortgage. It’s just human nature.

What can I say? I kind of quibble with this wilted idea that people won’t spend tax cut money. I am not incoherent about this. Since I have some knowledge in this area, what I am confused about is why those who don’t pay any taxes get a big rebate. I’m all for helping the poor but help me during a recession and I’ll help 10 others find employment. It is just shrewd thinking. How anyone not correctly understand a simple economic activity like this?

New Thoughts About Small Business Recession

I wish I hadn’t said this sooner but I shall indeed inspire myself. Sometimes it helps to discover what my fellow travelers may be evangelizing about Small Business and the Recession. There are a number of thoughts on this concept. At the very least I could simply try to seek this partially.

Detailing Small Business Recession

As an aside, take a look at these 3 quick thoughts about Small Business Recession:

  • Taxes aren’t the source of the problem
  • Tax cuts are preferred by me
  • Small Businesses need help

This may be redundant, but you shouldn’t miss this. The kernel of truth here is this: Having a tax cut will help many stave off a Small Business Recession is quite simple actually.

Details About Small Business Recession:

I can’t think of a reason for this, but if you’re with me so far then it should be quite clear to you what’s going on here. Here’s the point of all this: I am an undisputed expert in Small Business during Recessions.

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