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I have recently seen several highly suspect analysis of entrepreneurship via Facebook. Overall, I think that they are a clumsy expansion of marketing to a jaded, Web 2.0, crowd. I had insisted that they should not like to get so confused about why trying to Collaborate Online With Facebook is generally a bad idea to market your products to a target demographic consisting of mostly non-buyers and jaded, ad blockers..

You should examine these 3 ideas about Advertising Online using Facebook :

  • Banner Advertising is very practical
  • Facebook users, for the most part, believe that the Internet should be made entirely free
  • Ads shown to Facebook members are easily forgotten about by them

You know what? You would have to be largely ignorant of online marketing trends to advertise on Facebook. I am absolutely correct about this. Based on my experience, what I understand about advertising on Facebook is that their user base only superficially do prize the idea that people make money online. It is a surprise how many believe that they should be given services like Facebook for free. One should clearly understand how this is a quasi-transparent case.

Maybe I should mention that I should indeed advise you to dig deeper into what Facebook users may be preaching about entrepreneurship. There are no lasting slants on this sphere of activity. Most of them are brainwashed ivory tower socialist. You know that you should keep away from it anyway.

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