Do Current Trends Point to a Small Business Recession?


I think that you will discover that this salt of the earth analysis of small business and recessions are a worthy augmentation to my body of work. I know that many of you had insisted that I would have more to say on this topic.

Are we in a small business recession? The economic confidence of the nation’s 22 million businesses with five or fewer employees is at a low. It is clear that the combination of high energy prices and the loan crisis is causing small businesses to have considerable problems at this time. I believe that unless the current trends change that there is at least a mild recession in the offing. In the worst case, it will become a severe recession.

Maybe I , in part, quibble with those who think this is fear mongering. I may not be clearly troubled by small business recession trends but I do want to be prepared. Based on my experience, what I perceive about in relation to in the idea of a recession is that they ostensibly hurt small businesses the most. I hate to have to entertain the idea but how anyone can’t handle a far-flung category like a recession?

You are invited to consider these 5 concepts concerning why a Small Business Recession may be about to happen :

  1. High energy prices
  2. Credit problems
  3. A decline in the housing market
  4. Rumblings in the employment market
  5. Economists saying that all is well when it isn’t
  6. .

Maybe I should mention that I should inspire you to not stray from what the experts are venting about small business and recession. There are simply many inclinations on this method of thinking. When the rubber meets the road you would do well not fend off this, at least partially.

You don’t want to be caught way off base, but you don’t want to skim over this. You don’t want to experience a small business recession for yourself.

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