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Now here are some terribly important thoughts about small business. I think that you will find that they are a definitive augmentation to your thinking process. I had desired to find a lot more to say about small business Incentives Plans so here it is.

Regardless of the kind of performance you expect, there are 3 premium ideas about small business Incentives Plans:

  • Incentives Plans should be discontinued due to the recession
  • With a little trickery, Employee Incentives Plans could be confused with similar stuff
  • Not offering an Employee Incentives Plan is cutting edge
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I’m not abashed to say that I passionately believe that such Incentives Plans for employees should not be part of your business plan. In today’s increasingly recessionary climate they should simply be pleased to have jobs, period. I object to these self-appointed defenders of employee benefits that try to sell you on this crap. I may be a little nuts about this. Clearly what you need to understand is that I unquestionably do dislike Employee Incentives Plans.

Now, if you disagree,you should think about it. I encourage you to dig deeper into what their detractors may be grumbling about small Employee Incentives Plans. There are some good articles on this train of thought.

I’m going off on a tangent, but I have to believe this. The kernel of truth here is this: Employee Incentives Plans are impossible to work with.

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