AFS Loans - Is It a Scam for Small Business Owners?


You’ll be seeing a lot of ‘reviews’ around AFS Loans these days, saying that they’re “one of the best facilities for Small Business Loans” and a bunch of other bullshit. These are paid advertisements where the owner of the blog is paid good money to write a glowing review of their offer. If I offered to pay you $50 to write a review, think about it, would you write a good one or a bad one. Yeah, that’s a no brainer, am I right or am I right? Does that make AFS Loans a scam? Well, does it?

The reviews will claim that AFS Loans will give you loans that can be utilized any way with no application fee or hidden charges. Plus they’ll offer you the lowest interest rates for unsecured small business loans in the country.

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Well, if you believe that one I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Is AFS Loans a Scam?

The truth is that these loan programs are designed to extract more cash from financially desperate business people hurt by the current recession. While they’re a cut above visiting Willie the Snake behind your local bar the kind of loans offered by AFS Loans can lead your further down the road to bankruptcy. Of course these bullshit artists make a big kickback off of your mistake. Too bad, so sad, for you but a big win for them.

AFS Loans is simply a bad idea for your business. Taking such a loan would be a huge mistake for most businesses in light of the current recession. Being broke and stupid is no way to run a business these days. I know you’re smarter than that, aren’t you? You wouldn’t want a loan that would suck the life force from your business, would you?

Is AFS Loans a scam? I don’t know and wouldn’t venture to guess at that since I’ve not used their program. However, I do know that going around paying for positive reviews on blog after blog is bullshit. I know you’ll agree with that.

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