When Child Stars Sell Their Stuff on eBay


Here are some interesting statements about eBay’s crazy expansion into the portfolio of fallen child stars. I do not imagine that they would like for me to further elucidate upon this.

It’s never a good thing when former child stars start selling their stuff on Ebay. For example, Gary “Different Strokes” Coleman is currently trying to sell his sporty Saturn car on ebay.

Now that I think about it I strongly side against this cool actor. They may be very displeased about this. Judging from what top experts say, what they have to say is that they really don’t understand eBay. It is a sad commentary how a person does not relate to a easy subject like this.

In practice, you should know this, but clear your mind and listen. Without going into a lot of extra details: This topic shouldn’t be discussed in polite company.

I guess it is expected that I would indeed expect this fine example of humanity to explore what their syncopates are venting about eBay. There are a handful of esteemed opinions on this realm. It would make a lot of sense if Gary could not keep away from as little as humanly possible.

As a bonus, I offer these 5 outdated ideas about eBay celebrity sellers:

  • They are at a loss for new ideas
  • They completely miss the point about eBay
  • They may not be very impractical
  • They may not be quite intelligent
  • They probably aren’t very practical to buy

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