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It is my turn to describe Selling Dropshipped Products on eBay. We’ll take a look at this method of Online Retailing without a lot of details. You can’t afford to ignore this if the recession has you down. This could be a way for you to make some extra money online in spite of the economic downturn.

First, select your niche market. Find a category that is underserved and doesn’t have either a huge number of sellers or one single seller who predominates the market. You must verify your data or else you may find your droppshipping venture to be for naught.

After that, find your products. I recommend starting with services like Worldwide Brands but whatever you use make sure that you find a good source of products that can be drop shipped profitably to your customers. I know that this is a dull and boring exercise but it is important and truly practical. If you can’t find what you need in terms of what to sell, identify another niche and start over. You do not want to waste your time in an unprofitable niche.

Now that you have identified your niche market and found products, set up a new eBay ID that matches this market or use a pre-existing one that is generic enough to be used in any niche. This is the way to get cooking with Dropshipping.

Should you be surprised that you must find a top notch source for Selling Dropshipped Products on eBay? No, not really. I’ve found that Worldwide brands supplies what I need. You might expect Dropshipping to detract from Online Retailing. Maybe it can but if you follow a simple system you should find that it works quite well.

Once you have your products selected, create your listings using Turbo Lister. You’ll simply use the images and descriptions for the products from the dropshipper’s website. Most permit this because they want their products sold.

Now, you probably will get customer questions. Answer them promptly and personally. This gives customers great comfort and you will realize that the feeling doesn’t go away as you get additional orders and referrals from happy customers.

When your customers purchase the item from your eBay auction all you have to do is simply contact the dropshipper and provide them with your customer’s shipping address. Some distributors even have this automated. Then the distributor ships the product out directly to your customer and you never have to handle the product but you make money.

Make sure you keep up with your profits and losses. How many times have I heard people who were getting sales complain that they weren’t making money? Very often. This is one of the demands of Selling Dropshipped Products on eBay.

When should you list you auctions? Many recommend around 8 PM Eastern time. This time works well but I do recommend spreading some auctions out through the week. Keep your bulk on Sunday but do try spreading things out.

I would like to tell you that I really enjoy Dropshipping and it has helped me immensely getting some really nice profits from Selling on eBay. Hopefully I have explained enough about this form of Online Retailing although I did so without a lot of details. What else can I say about Online Retailing? I’m going to find more Dropshipped Products to sell on eBay. Maybe this article will be that extra something that pushes you into wanting to get into Dropshipping because you will realize that it will make you money.

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