eBay Arbitrage Basics


The definition of eBay arbitrage is finding an items that is poorly or incorrectly listed, buying it at a low price, then re-listing it with a correct listing and making a profit.

Many times people who are new to eBay, and even some who should know better, list their items poorly. They list them in the wrong category. They misspell critical keywords. They make other mistakes that cause their item to get buried in search results. They poorly price a valuable item. They may have a low feedback number even if the dispute wasn’t really their fault. They may have an awkward end time. The end result usually is a few bids or even no bids at all as the auction draws to a close.

Another good source for resalable items are off eBay auction sites. Many times competition is lower and prices are lower. It’s easy to pick up a great deal there and flip it on eBay for a profit.

When you find a item you suspect is poorly listed, usually by doing searches on commonly misspelled words or across multiple categories, do a comparison search for similar items. If you find these items are selling well for others then you may want to target this item for a last minute purchase either manually or by using sniping software. Avoid getting caught up in a bidding war. Have your maximum and stick to it.

After purchasing the item and receiving it, inspect it to make sure it’s as advertised and relist it on your selling account. It’s important to have both a buying and selling ID if you engage in arbitrage. With a little planning you’ll flip the item for a handsome profit.

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