Amazon To Buy eBay?


Amazon’s unwise thoughts about acquiring eBay are an indication as to where the Internet is heading. I expect that they would like to reconsider this idea.

To stick to the point, here are 5 points about eBay:

  • eBay has a lot of mass appeal for buyers
  • eBay sellers get ignored too frequently
  • eBay may not be for everyone
  • eBay management should be praised by stockholders
  • eBay should be stopped from selling out
  • .

I’m speechless that I maybe disagree with the thinking that Amazon should acquire eBay. Some may be pleased to present this idea. Clearly what I understand about the situation is that Amazon doesn’t care for eBay. It is incredible how some analysts don’t fully understand an amazingly complex marketplace like eBay.

Now that I think about it I should indeed request that they clarify what their associates may not be explaining to them about eBay. There are a handful of feelings I have on this on this concept but I won’t go into them at this point. It is clear to me that eBay should shun any takeover attempts by Amazon.

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