Amazon Kindle Outrageously Overpriced On eBay


I think you’ll find these tart and sweet words on eBay and the Amazon Kindle are a free flowing addition to my open-minded thoughts. I guess you had supposed that I should not know so much about eBay and the Amazon Kindle.

You may have missed these 4 thoughts the Amazon Kindle:

  • It is another trendy but useless device
  • Amazon Kindle will not make a significant impact
  • eBay pricing on the Amazon Kindle isn’t liked by anybody
  • The Amazon Kindle isn’t something that you can use to build a business, only turn a quick buck

I’m at a loss. I don’t understand why some are so enthusiastic about the Amazon Kindle. It’s overpriced and not that practical or useful. Perhaps I may be too perplexed by this. Perhaps, once I dig into it, I see that eBay is often a good indicator for consumer trends. It is thrilling to see how some are making a lot of money in a easy sphere of activity like this.

It is expected that I shall indeed desire an Amazon Kindle at some point. Maybe I missed the boat on this but I hate to tow the line with what the masses are doing. There are no opinions on how long this trend will last. At the very least, maybe I should try to profit from it and it would not be a good idea to abstain from this entirely.

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