3 Quick Tips - eBay ID


Here are 3 quick tips related to your eBay ID

1. Maintain separate ID’s for different product lines - This accomplishes several important goals. First, by selecting a name that matches your product line you increase customer recognition and the chance for repeat sales. For example, if you’re selling screwdrivers and your user name is “ILuvDolls” customers won’t take you very seriously. But if you are selling a line of dolls as well as screwdrivers it makes sense to have separate matching IDs for each product line. This prevents customer confusion and makes your listings look more professional.

2 . Maintain separate ID’s for buying and selling - If you have separate ID’s for each eBay function this protects you from the psycho buyer/seller. Believe it or not, some people have nothing better to do than to make your eBay life hell. By having separate IDs you limit the impact a nutcase can have on your business.

3. Protect your account and password - It should be common sense by now but an amazing number of eBay sellers, including even Power Sellers, get tricked by phishing emails. This usually leads to their account being hijacked and used by scammers to place bogus 24 hour auctions that trick unsuspecting buyers into wiring their money to who knows where. While eBay is usually good about cleaning up this mess, it still creates a lot of trouble for you and may cost you customers while your selling capability is turned off. To be on the safe side, always assume any email from eBay is bogus and check your messages from your My eBay to confirm them.

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