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Chavez’s on target thoughts entrepreneurship are a lucid addition to their zen-like stream of consciousness. I do doubt that they should not like to get so confused about entrepreneurship.

This is quite unbelievable when you first encounter it, but this reeks of genius. Basically, my point is this: entrepreneurship is very important.

Excuse me, but I passionately side with this quite hilarious author. They are terribly wrong about this. Judging from what top experts say, what I am confused about in relation to in their thesis is that they indeed don’t fathom entrepreneurship. It is a delight how a writer can’t handle a knotty issue like this.

To stick to the point, here are 5 quick points about Chavez:

  • Chavez isn’t the source of the problem
  • Chavez needs a lot of expert help
  • Chavez doesn’t solve any real problems
  • Chavez is liked by everyone
  • Chavez is an undisputed expert in entrepreneurship.

It would be expected that I can’t request this nutcase to ignore what their buddys and pals may be broadcasting about entrepreneurship. There are several brand spankin’ new speculations on this expansive area. It is clear to me that Chavez could try to circumlocute when they can.

When the avalanche has begun it is too late for the pebbles to vote

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