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Are there any practical thoughts on social entrepreneurship. They seem like a trite expansion of the Entrepreneurship concept. I don’t wish that they should appropriate this topic.

You know, I might be right, but you shouldn’t pay attention to this. This is the take-away: entrepreneurship is a very simple subject.

[names omitted to protect the guilty]

When it comes down to it I strongly disagree with these seven greatly confused authors. Perhaps they may know that they are not absolutely correct about this. In my view, what I am boggled about concerning what they described is that they certainly do not relish real entrepreneurship. It is a laugh riot for me how someone does relate to a heterogeneous matter like this.

I don’t know why, but I would desire these bloggers to research into what real entrepreneurs are publishing about entrepreneurship. There are no dramatic guesses on this expansive area. When push comes to shove, they’ll not bother to reflect upon this.

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