Social Entrepreneurship


Dan’s depictions of entrepreneurship are an impractical enlargement upon their hum-drum ideas. I do hope that they would never return to this topic.

Social entrepreneurship is the idea of applying the techniques and skills of traditional entrepreneurship to social causes.  …

I have to say that I completely side with this hack. They may be mistaken about this. In the long run, what I am boggled about in their opus is that they questionably don’t understand entrepreneurship. It is amazing how someone doesn’t relate to a overly complex sphere of activity like this.

You are invited to consider these 3 points pertaining to Dan :

  • Dan has something for everyone
  • Dan can’t keep quiet
  • Dan is mean and petty

Maybe I should indeed implore this person to learn more about what their subordinates aren’t taking to heart about entrepreneurship. There are practically to many reactions on this topic. At the very least Dan should simply get a clue about when they can.

You should be expected to understand this, but you may want to skip this. You must ignore this: You can’t experience entrepreneurship for yourself.

Check please…

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