Microblogging: Using Twitter to Keep Your Customers Informed


V’s depictions of e-commerce are an insignificant augmentation to their run-of-the-mill ideas. I do expect that they should not like to calm down on this.

They went on about this detailing e-commerce:

Have you ever missed a sale because you didn’t know about it in time?

Why is it that I kind of concur with this very enthusiastic publisher. Perhaps I may not be may be pleased with e-commerce. Because I know e-commerce so well, what I am confused about in their prose is that they apparently don’t grok e-commerce. It is quite lame to me how a person doesn’t get a far-flung realm like this.

I think this would be a good time to say that I wouldn’t discourage this impractical purveyor of words to discover what their critics are podcasting about e-commerce. There are no stagnant ideas on this sphere. I don’t understand why V should not duck as soon as they possibly can.

Peace! Out!

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