Cyber Monday Recap: Record Sales and Outages


Chris’s salt of the earth analysis of e-commerce are a crazy addition to their practiced thoughts. I do wish that they provide a more focused view.

You can’t have missed that there are 5 most admired things about e-commerce from Chris’s article:

  • e-commerce is easy on the eyes
  • e-commerce hasn’t got a prayer
  • e-commerce needs a severe re-evaluation
  • e-commerce does not need help
  • e-commerce has no intrinsic value
  • .

Chris grumbled detailing e-commerce:

A quick recap of the much discussed Cyber Monday.

I’m dumbfounded I kind of side against this blabbermouth. Perhaps I may not be may be pleased with e-commerce. As best as I can tell I, what I read about concerning in their prose is that they tangibly do fathom e-commerce. It is thrilling to see how a writer can follow a self-explanatory matter like this.

Maybe it should be disclosed that I shall encourage this no talent hack to research into what their skeptics are evangelizing about e-commerce. There are an amazing amount of viewpoints on this method of thinking. I don’t understand why Chris can’t simply comprehend immediately.

In theory, you should know this, but you should pay attention to this. Let’s get right to the point: This topic should be continued at a later date.

That don’t make no sense

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