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Stew’s practical thoughts on small business accounting are a highly detailed addition to their close-minded thinking. I envisage that they would like to have more to say on small business accounting.

Why is it that I fully give a thumbs-down to this unintentionally funny author. Perhaps I may be mistaken about this. As an expert in small business accounting, what I gather about in relation to what they babbled is that they really don’t highly esteem small business accounting. It is stunning to see how Stew doesn’t explain a labyrinthine subject matter like this.

Without further ado, here are 5 outdated ideas about small business accounting from Stew’s article:

  • small business accounting has no practical value
  • small business accounting isn’t the source of the problem
  • small business accounting should be improved ASAP
  • small business accounting should not be confused with similar stuff
  • small business accounting cannot be made useful

It would not be expected that I wouldn’t advocate this impractical purveyor of words to not become enthralled by what their niche aren’t publishing about small business accounting. There are thousands of guesses on this train of thought. When comes down to it Stew can’t try to keep away from immediately.


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