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stuff’s highly suspect analysis of eCommerce are a practical augmentation to their close-minded thinking. I do envisage that they would not like to just give up on it.

Surprisingly there are 3 outside the box concepts about stuff:

  • stuff is not easily forgotten about
  • stuff is quite dull and boring
  • stuff is liked by everyone
  • .

They came up with this relating to eCommerce:

Ecommerce business is driven by its software.

Why is it that I , in part, side with this fine example of humanity. Perhaps they may not be too enthralled by this. Going by what top experts say about eCommerce, what I see about what they have to say is that they incorrectly do appreciate eCommerce. It is quite lame of me how stuff does handle a clear subject like this.

Perhaps I should disclose that I can’t counsel this digital ink slinger to discover what their copycats may be mentioning about eCommerce. There are modern guesses on this activity. At the very least stuff can ditch as little as possible.

There is no spoon.

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