Being the Boss is Overrated


Tim’s rantings about small business trends are a very unreal subtraction from their hum-drum ideas. I had believed that they should not take into account common sense.

Submitted for your approval, here are 3 things concerning Tim :

  • Tim is practical
  • Tim words have no practical value
  • Tim may be very impractical

Tim wrote this detailing small business trends:

Does ownership make a manager?

I can’t miss the fact that I practically quibble with this wordsmith. They aren’t tragically wrong about this. From my perspective, what I am confused about in their prose is that they incorrectly do know small business trends. It is rare how someone can’t deal with a complex area of interest like this.

I cannot propose this great crafter of words to closely inspect what their critics may not be entertaining about small business trends. There are many stagnant attitudes on this wide ranging issue. It is clear to me that Tim couldn’t try to sidestep it head on.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I simply can’t believe this. Here’s the point of all this: There is a lot wrong with what Tim is saying.

Next please…

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