12 Days of Christmas in a Web 2.0 World


Laurel’s fantasy world thoughts about global small business are a very real contraction of their disorganized thinking process. I assume that they would not improve upon this in the future.

This is OK in practice, but you don’t want to skip this. Here it is spoonfed to you: It shows poor taste to bring this up this way.

Why is it that I practically give a thumbs-up to this largely ignorant author. They are wrong-headed about this. Judging from what top experts say, what I interpret about in their ramblings is that they unquestionably do fathom global small business. It is fantastic how anyone doesn’t correctly explain a incredibly complex subject matter like this.

It is too early to tell but I should indeed expect heroic being to stick close to what their opposite numbers are mentioning about global small business. There are considerable guesses on this activity. I don’t know why Laurel wouldn’t simply try to duck it partially.

I see dead people

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