Small Business Loans and Recession

The life blood of many a small business are loans that help them acquire products to sell and to otherwise expand their business. The problems we now face is that our current recession is being driven by serious credit problems in the housing sector. This means that loan money for short and long term borrowing […]

Today’s Recession

When push comes to shove, I did not want to go completely off-base with these thoughts concerning Today’s Recession. However, I did not want you to think that they are an unimportant subtraction from the power of my ideas on this topic. I imagine that some of you think that I should get entirely lost while […]

Best Bets During a Recession

What are your best bets for a small business during a recession. What can you do to protect your business against a recession? Do not bury your head in the sand in fright and don’t blithely ignore the problem either. Instead, take the right actions now to protect your small business from the impending economic […]

How Does a Small Business Survive a Recession?

During recessionary times, some small businesses will survive, some others will go into bankruptcy and some others will barely squeeze by. What happens to your business will depend a lot upon the type of business you are in and the effectiveness of your organization.

What Businesses Do Well During a Recession?

This is a question that I am getting asked to address more and more often as the signs of a serious recession appear in the US economy. So, here is my a magic secret about Business that do well during a recession. I hope that you find that they are a dynamic addition to the […]

Hot Products During a Recession

OK, I know that some of you have been waiting for me to say more about which products are hot sellers during a recession. I had anticipated that some of you should desire this kind of information on how to develop your marketing and product buying plans for 2008 and 2009. While I shall refrain […]

What Do People Still Buy During a Recession?

As we move into the recession of 2008 we, as small business owners, need to concern ourselves with what people will still buy during a recession. People are worried. The companies they work for are considering cutbacks in head count and bringing in a budget hatchetman in CEO or CFO positions. Due to the inflation […]

How Can Small Companies Survive the Recession?

The recession is clearly here now as we look upon the economic trends of the first 3 months of 2008. We see that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down from the high flying years of 2005-2007. Commercial banks and investment funds are writing off billions in sub-prime loan losses and are inching toward failure. […]

How Bad Will This Recession Be?

As most people are well aware of now there is very little doubt that we are at the start of a very serious economic downturn. Some economic forecasters sometimes paint a rosy picture of a mild downturn but, when we start looking at the cold, hard, facts, it becomes apparent that patterns that were present […]

Five Mistakes Small Businesses Make in a Recession

As evidenced by recent job and stock market losses we are clearly already well into a serious recession. Perhaps you have wondered how your small business can survive the recession. Maybe you should also consider the types of mistakes that small businesses make during a recession. Let us work out some of the things that […]