History of Recession Echoes in Today’s Recession

Here in the winter of 2008 the economy is quickly slipping into a deep freeze. This time it’s different from the dotcom boom/bust early in this decade. This time it’s a banking bubble and the history of recessions shows that these bubbles bursting cause much more trouble.

Making Money in a Recession

OK. You know the recession is here and you’re going to be impacted by it. You have come to accept that reality. What can you do to prepare your small business for the recession? What business opportunities are your best bets during the recession?

Fears of a Serious Recession Grow

Even the naysayers have to recognize that a 2008 recession is in the cards. US companies significantly cut payrolls and capital spending in January. This is a sure indicator that companies are feeling the recession pinch.

Best Recession Employment Practices

A recession usually means massive layoffs, downsizing and higher levels of unemployment. This one will be no different. How can you adjust your employment practices in your small business to maximize your profits and survive the recession?

Recession Proof Business Ideas

Recession has been on many small business peoples’ minds lately. Even some economists, who usually lag behind trends, are beginning to see the truth of it. Everything costs more these days. Foreclosures are at an all-time high. Sales are down at many companies and holiday spending was down considerably late last year. What are some […]

Don’t Expect to Take Advantage of a Recession

It’s that simple, the goal in a serious recession like we’re most certainly facing is survival, not making a profit. This becomes obvious when you review what has happened in the past when the economy has faced similar glitches. It is your job to help your business survive, first and foremost.
Since the 1970’s all U.S. […]

Recession Business Strategies

The simple fact is that you need to have a good business strategy in a recession. Without one you’ll soon find yourself in deep financial trouble. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem, but you can’t afford to ignore having the right strategy for these times.

Corporate CFO’s Say the Recession is Here

Top management at many US companies have begun to think that the economy is well into a recession.  This means that now is the time to read my very motivational thoughts about Recession. I think you’ll find that they are an excellent addition to my thinking on this topic. I knew that I should have […]

10 eCommerce Web Design Tips

When push comes to shove, these thoughts on ecommerce web design are a great addition to my ideas in this area. I had not guessed that I could improve upon this in the future.

Whistling Past the Recession Graveyard

A lot of economists these days are reminding me of Kevin Bacon’s character in the classic movie Animal House. In the final segment of that movie, his character, when surrounded by total chaos, screams “All is Well!” at a panicky crowd and gets trampled for his efforts.