What Businesses Do Well During a Recession?

This is a question that I am getting asked to address more and more often as the signs of a serious recession appear in the US economy. So, here is my a magic secret about Business that do well during a recession. I hope that you find that they are a dynamic addition to the […]

Hot Products During a Recession

OK, I know that some of you have been waiting for me to say more about which products are hot sellers during a recession. I had anticipated that some of you should desire this kind of information on how to develop your marketing and product buying plans for 2008 and 2009. While I shall refrain […]

What Do People Still Buy During a Recession?

As we move into the recession of 2008 we, as small business owners, need to concern ourselves with what people will still buy during a recession. People are worried. The companies they work for are considering cutbacks in head count and bringing in a budget hatchetman in CEO or CFO positions. Due to the inflation […]

How Can Small Companies Survive the Recession?

The recession is clearly here now as we look upon the economic trends of the first 3 months of 2008. We see that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down from the high flying years of 2005-2007. Commercial banks and investment funds are writing off billions in sub-prime loan losses and are inching toward failure. […]

How Bad Will This Recession Be?

As most people are well aware of now there is very little doubt that we are at the start of a very serious economic downturn. Some economic forecasters sometimes paint a rosy picture of a mild downturn but, when we start looking at the cold, hard, facts, it becomes apparent that patterns that were present […]

Five Mistakes Small Businesses Make in a Recession

As evidenced by recent job and stock market losses we are clearly already well into a serious recession. Perhaps you have wondered how your small business can survive the recession. Maybe you should also consider the types of mistakes that small businesses make during a recession. Let us work out some of the things that […]

Business Strategies for the Recession

Recessions are a natural part of the business cycle, meaning that we will see them over and over again so, as small business owners, we should always have a strategy to deal with them when they arrive. There are ways to minimize the effects of a recession on your small business.

Three Recession Proof Businesses

Here is my a magic secret formula for Recession Proof Businesses. In a way, it is a bittersweet addition to my thought process in this area. I wish that we were not having to jump on the Recession Proof Business bandwagon but that’s the way things are right now so we must make the best […]

The People Have Spoken, “The Recession is Here”

Yes, my friends, I know that you have anticipate that I shall indeed ramble on about our current recessionary economic climate yet again at this time and place. One thing that I have found that holds true in our economy is the power of numbers. When enough people buy into an idea, it often either […]

The Stagflation Threat

The US economy came to a screeching halt in the final quarter of 2007 and now, as we move into 2008 with a stalled economy we’re facing an old fiend call stagflation, something which we haven’t seen since the waning days of the Carter administration in the 1970’s.